Stop Peeing on My Leg

by damnedhippie

A recently passed law in the great State of Mississippi is on hold. It requires abortions performed in a clinic to be performed by a OB-GYN with the privilege to admit patients to a local hospital. A judge has extended a hold on the law because it may possibly place an undue burden on or substantial obstacle to women seeking abortions. That would be a constitutional violation according to the U. S. Supreme Court’s 1972 Planned Parenthood v. Casey decision.

Nonsense, say state officials:

State officials said the privileges help protect patients by ensuring they have continuity of care if a woman needs to go to the hospital. They also note that while the clinic might have to wait to get hospital privileges, “inconvenience is not ‘irreparable harm.'”

It’s just an inconvenience for  Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the only abortion provider in Mississippi. All they have to do is put in a request at the local hospital . . .

Admitting privileges can be difficult to get because hospitals might not grant them to out-of-state physicians, or hospitals with religious affiliations might not give them to doctors who perform abortions.

When clinic employees called a Catholic hospital to ask about applying for privileges, Derzis said, “we were told not to bother.”

The clinic said it would face “irreparable harm” if the law were to be enforced because hospitals haven’t said when — or if — they’ll consider the privileges.

Oh, the local hospitals won’t grant admitting privileges to the clinic’s physicians? Shoot.

Okay, maybe those hospitals have a good reason not to do that for out-of-state doctors.

“There’s no vetting process for fly-by-night physicians who come in and perform abortions at the clinic,” Herring said.

Fair enough, just recruit local OB-GYN’s, right?

The clinic uses out-of-state physicians because in-state physicians generally don’t want to face the social pressure of having protesters at their offices, homes or churches, clinic employees say.

Local physicians won’t work at the clinic because the same people who lobbied for this new law also threaten to harass doctors if they perform abortions? Double shoot. It’s almost as if those activists planned to make this law difficult to comply with.

Terri Herring of the Pro Life America Network lobbied for the law and attended the court hearing. After the judge’s decision, Herring said the hospitals should deny admitting privileges for the abortion clinic’s doctors.

Really? I thought the purpose of this law was to ensure “continuity of care” for women.

When the governor signed the measure into law in April, he said, “If it closes that clinic, then so be it.” Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said: “We have an opportunity today with the signing of this bill to end abortion in Mississippi and also to protect women.

So, the purpose of this bill is to shut down the only abortion provider in Mississippi. And protect women. Republicans are peeing on my leg, telling me it’s raining, and also telling me that they are peeing on my leg. Got it.

Special Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Bryant argued that any anti-abortion statements by elected officials were “weak evidence” that the purpose of the law was to prevent abortions.

So, you telling me that you are peeing on my leg should not be taken as evidence that you are indeed peeing on my leg?

Gosh. It’s as if the government of the Hospitality State is using oppressive and unnecessary regulation and bureaucracy to take away freedoms that it can’t attack directly because those freedoms are constitutionally protected, exercising illegitimate power under the guise of “protecting” those freedom-deprived citizens from said freedoms. It also seems to be wasting a lot of time and taxpayer money passing and defending law that doesn’t solve any problem and likely won’t survive judicial scrutiny.

Republicans wouldn’t do that, would they?