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Month: January, 2012

Let’s Get Our Facts Straight

In October, 1996, his wife Karen had a second trimester abortion.  They don’t like to describe it that way.

-Ellen Shaffer, Our Silver Blog

They don’t like to describe it that way becauseit wasn’t that way. The Santorums did not have a second trimester abortion. In fact, they went to foolhardy, heroic lengths to try to save the life of the fetus. Karen went under the knife to attempt to clear the urinary tract of the fetus. The operation resulted in a life-threatening infection that caused her to go into labor. The doctors recommended drugs to induce heavier contractions to speed along the delivery. She refused. Karen requested drugs to make the labor stop. The doctors refused. Their son died two hours after it was born.

That is not an abortion. That is a spontaneous live birth. Read the rest of this entry »


A Caucus We Will Go! or, Never Toss a Santorum Salad

The Story County Democratic Caucus expected less than 700 attendees. 849 of us showed up. Outstanding. We may have broken fire codes =D

As for the Republicans, they got Santorum surging up from behind.

We also got Santorum Salad in the county next door. It is a frothy mixture of mayonnaise and chicken pieces. Pizza Ranch has graced us with this manna for the Glory of God.

Oh, Iowa.