Guess What I’m Sleeping Under Tonight!

by damnedhippie

I check into my hotel room the Best Western in Chicago, turn on all the lights, and settle onto the soft, ginormous bed with my netbook for a little writing. I look up and get startled by the image I see in the mirror above the dresser.

That’s right, there’s a fighter jet above my bed! Here’s a less blurry view (in which I get my ass off the ginormous bed):

I guess this is what a decade of constant war will get you: a war culture so ubiquitous that guests to Chicago sleep under pictures of weapons. I hope international travelers find lodging somewhere more classy. I hope I don’t get nightmares of that thing shitting bombs on my face while I sleep. I hope this fucking War on Terror ends someday.


I stand corrected. With a little more context, this picture above my bed is not a patriotic romanization of war, but simply a tribute to aviation. Here is another picture that was hanging in my lab-mates’ room:

Still hope this war will end someday.