Church Evicts Disabled Orphans

by damnedhippie

There is a place in Cameroon where children with physical and developmental challenges can receive care that, I imagine, is very hard to come by in that area of the world.

The center provides lodging, nutritious meals, tutoring, physical therapy, training in bamboo craftsmanship, sewing, and jewelry-making (teaching the students marketable skills), and most importantly community, never turning away a child unable to pay the modest fee. . .

Not only does this directly benefit the children, but its mere presence is a strong influence on the community as a whole, teaching others to be more tolerant of the needs of vulnerable people in a society where less than 3% of disabled children even go to school.

The center is located on the land of a local Evangelical church, and is now being asked to leave so the church can use the land and building for other things.  Of course, it is their land, and they can do what they want with it. Perhaps there really is some more pressing need than providing a home for disabled orphans.

Still, if you are like me, the idea of taking resources away from such a noble cause and using them to  instead operate a religion raises your hackles a little. There is something that you can do to turn this challenge into an opportunity. The Peace Corps has a project to help the center build on new land, doubling the number of children who can be helped by the program. $6000 needs to be raised- a pittance for securing the home of 19 children who have nowhere else to go.

The church has dropped the ball on the human prerogative to care for and protect the weakest among us. It is time for us to step up to the plate.

Via Liz Anderson, Peace Corps volunteer and coordinator of the project. Her blog is at